Company: madesmart® Housewares
Role: Lead Industrial Designer, market & user research, concept development, sketching, prototyping & testing, CAD modeling, rendering, and design for manufacturing.
Objective: Design a modular organization system that expands the current madesmart® catalog. Incorporate established design language and existing key features while adding modern upgrades to bring new innovation to the category.
Solution: The collection includes seven Stack & Slide bins of various sizes to accommodate any drawer size. The larger size bins include removable dividers to allow the consumer to customize how they want their items to be organized, regardless of size. The bins are designed to stack on top of one another to fit most any space you put them. Using clear plastic as the base allows the user to 'stack and slide' with ease without hindering their view of items below. The Stack & Slide bins combine flexibility with functionality for a more organized bathroom space.
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