Company: madesmart® Housewares
Role: Lead Industrial Designer, market & user research, concept development, sketching, prototyping & testing, CAD modeling, rendering, design for manufacturing, color material finish, and packaging design.
Objective: Design a sponge caddy that expands the current madesmart® catalog of existing sinkware items. Emphasis on material and functionality, as well as matching the madesmart® sinkware aesthetic.
Solution: The final solution is a unique sponge caddy that gives the consumer the flexibility to use it with any cleaning tool without worrying about water buildup. The sink station utilizes a blend of polypropylene with thermoplastic rubber that gives it a comfortable soft-touch feel with the rigidity needed to withstand constant sink traffic. The station includes a divider that allows for both sponges and brushes to be stored with ease. Additionally the sink station has the added benefit of a pop off base for easy cleaning and water drainage. Soft material and rounded corners, dot and hole patterns mimic the madesmart® sinkware design language.​​​​​​​

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